1962 Condita Yearbook


This is indeed a very rare gem as it is the first yearbook ever produced. Many thanks to Zoe Fowler who obtained it and Glen McLean who tore his hair out trying to scan it. As the first incursion into the world of yearbook production, these people had nothing to fall back on. The photo quality varies wildly and it is the shortest year book we have on line. Still, it is worth it's weight in gold for its very rarity.

Otterkins 16 June 2002

(Ed. note - Many thanks to Sheila (Love) Rodgers who was kind enough to provide us with the missing names for the Grade 9 & 10 class photos, which have been added to their respective pages. Enjoy!
- Lonnie, November 25, 2007)

Condita 1962 Yearbook

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