Back to the Future

If Michael J Fox can do it, so can a bunch of young Shilobats. "I finally convinced my dad to buy a V8 so I could smoke the tires like Kelly Shrot" - Wayne Helgason.

When the smoke cleared, we were 50 years into the future, 'OMG' there's Ms. Sheehan, she must be almost 90 now, and she's looking at me with that wicked little grin. I could be in trouble again! Look! There's Mr. Brown, who directed the choir program, I hope he doesn't ask me to sing!...Mr and Mrs. Bohonos are here and Mr. Hilton who used to drive us to the Brandon Library in his 1934 Rolls Royce. There's at least 4 classmates and about 2 dozen others from school I recognize, well mostly. That's the magic of Shilobrat reunions.

Most of the group who attended still live in Manitoba, and 8 of us smoked our tires from another province to be this is what 50 years into the future looks like!

2017 Kingston mini-reunion

Weighing anchor in Kingston, we were able to reserve a cruise on Saturday, August 12 for any number of people who can come out. There was entertainment on board...if just being with a fellow Shilobrat wasn't enough. A great group of Shilobrats signed up for the 1000 Islands Dinner Cruise, it was a chance to reconnect after almost 45 years! Edie has put together all their tall tales! in her latest Special Edition.

Coming in September...Back to the Future!

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