ShiloBrats Reunion '22

WE DID IT! A year of planning, prodding and promoting pays off. We issued the Re-Reunion Challenge to return for a reunion, reunite with your siblings, reunite with your friends, reunite as base brats from Shilo, it didn't matter what time period you lived there, we all had relatively the same experience. Thank you for responding. There were 3 major events, a Friday night Meet & Greet and a Saturday retro-night dance in Winnipeg, then a Sunday return to Shilo lunch reunion. All were well attended and successful. The full story is being prepared as a Special Edition feature you can view here, watch for it...


Remembering Shilo friends no longer with us, at the beginning of each year we update our Remembering section with the names we have learned have passed. Each Remembering stone will have the year of birth (if known), the year of passing, any known brothers and sisters and their yearbook photo if available (as you knew them) or their Obit photo. Please review the pages and report any inaccuracies or help fill in missing information through the Contact form in the side menu.


Shilo was a special place for many of us in our early years, and for some, Shilo is a special place because you were born there, or in Brandon to parents posted in Shilo.

ShiloBornBrats has been created to give recognition to our home grown brat pack by assembling a page of trivia for each year we have a ShiloBornBrat name for.

If you or a brother or sister were born when your family lived in Shilo, and your name does not appear in that year, please contact ShiloBrats to be included, your name and year will be added.

*Updated ShiloBornBrats pages for the following years: 1947, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1959,1962, 1972, new page 1978 - January 6, 2022

ShiloBrats Note

ShiloBrats is not a commercial website, and promoting products for sale is not our intent. However when a Shilobrat endeavors on a personal project that would be of interest to other Shilobrats, and a price is mainly to recover production costs, we would like to help where we can, and let you know about it.

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