New Special Edition series 'SPOTLIGHT'

When the announcement was made that Mr. Gerald Brown (former Shilo teacher) was to be recognized with an 'Alumni Award for Exceptional Service' from Brandon University, we knew there was a story. Mr. Brown is ShiloBrats teacher liaison, and was instrumental for having Miss Sheehan and a dozen other former Shilo teachers attend our recent Reunions. Turned out there was more than one story, but wouldn't be appreciated completely without first revisiting Mr. Brown's Special Edition 'Life Was Calling' story. From there Mr. Turtle, as he is also affectionately known, shares his wisdom for leadership.

Shilobrats Reunion 2018 Special Edition

If you weren't there, you will feel like you were. If you were there, you will feel it all over again! ShiloBrats latest Special Edition re-lives the events, activities, people and behind the scenes stories of Reunion 2018.

Be there! was the ad phrase, and Shilobrats came from Vancouver Island B.C., from Grand Manan Island N.B. and from everywhere in between to be there! First major Shilobrat Reunion since 2005 and maybe the last? Not a chance - 'this was just the warm-up for the next big one' - See you there!2020.

A Special Edition about the Reunion with photos and stories has been prepared and posted. Also, you can relive the highlights or see what you missed right here in the Reunion 2018 Slideshow.


Shilo was a special place for many of us in our early years, and for some, Shilo is a special place because you were born there, or in Brandon to parents posted in Shilo.

ShiloBornBrats has been created to give recognition to our home grown brat pack by assembling a page of trivia for each year we have a ShiloBornBrat name for.

If you or a brother or sister were born when your family lived in Shilo, and your name does not appear in that year, please contact ShiloBrats to be included, your name and year will be added.

*Updated ShiloBornBrats pages for the following years: 1948, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958
- October 10, 2018

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