60s ShiloBrats Reunion 2018
(with Brats from the 50s & 70s)

Most of our memories of a cold-snap in Shilo involved sticking your tongue to metal at least once just to see what the big deal was! At least, icicles forming on the tears from your eyes wasn't painful...or were they eyecicles. And the thought of frozen hair, well that wasn't just a girl thing, remember guys from the 60's had long hair too, they just had to carry a guitar to feel safe.

A website for the Reunion has been set up to follow the ongoing news and details. Click here or on the photo to take you there, then come back and tell us in the Guestbook if you are interested in attending or any memories you have of your time in Shilo. Check back for new upcoming visual memories of the 60's and Reunion updates. In 2018, you can be 18 again!


Shilo was a special place for many of us in our early years, and for some, Shilo is a special place because you were born there, or in Brandon to parents posted in Shilo.

ShiloBornBrats has been created to give recognition to our home grown brat pack by assembling a page of trivia for each year we have a ShiloBornBrat name for.

If you or a brother or sister were born when your family lived in Shilo, and your name does not appear in that year, please contact ShiloBrats to be included, your name and year will be added.

*Updated ShiloBornBrats pages for the following years: 1951, 1952, 1957, 1962

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